How do you stay on the path to healthy thinking, eating, and living without depriving yourself?

Use your muscles, your attitude muscles!

  • Be a fly on the wall- Become aware of what, where, how, and why you do things.
  • Create a blueprint-Envision the future you desire. It sets the stage for a new attitude towards change and keeps your eye on the prize.
  • Use your internal compass- Nothing takes the place of a compass to keep you going in the right direction. Make decisions based on it.
  • Create momentum. Don’t stay put in the same place. Nothing gets you where you want to go faster than taking steps forward no matter how small or difficult it may be to move. Momentum is essential.

How do you get along with all of your annoying family and friends without starting WW III?

Practice empathy.

  • Listen intently.
  • Imagine yourself in another person’s situation
  • Consider that you don’t need to endorse someone else’s point of view, just listen to it.
  • Be kind. Covid has made dealing with stress, anxiety, and fear more challenging.
  • When someone hits a nerve, rather than engaging, get up and help with clearing the table or helping with the dishes.

How do you capture some of the holiday cheer during these uncertain times?

Focus on gratitude.

  • Notice something new to be grateful for every day. Make a game out of it.
  • Take a picture of it on you smart phone every day for a week and review it with someone you love.
  • Journal about what you are grateful for.
  • Use social media to share what you are grateful for at least once per week.

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