Today is another day for change

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Yesterday sucked, but today is another day to change for good.

How do you get yourself out of a rut? Everyone gets in a rut from time to time. You might feel creatively blocked or struggle to develop new ideas. Maybe you feel like you’re not making progress in your career, or you’re just not enjoying life as much as you’d like to and it’s time for a change.

No matter what the cause, there are ways to get yourself out of a rut. The first step is acknowledging that you’re stuck and need help.

What do you say to yourself to flip the switch from unmotivated to motivated?

I tell myself that I am in control of my destiny and that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I also remind myself that it’s never too late to achieve my goals and that I should be proud of every accomplishment, no matter how small. Finally, I focus on the good things that will come from reaching my goal rather than the negative consequences of not trying.

Why do you always end up on this rollercoaster of commitment and disappointment?

Commitment and disappointment are two of the most common and powerful emotions we experience in our relationships. They can cause us to do things we ordinarily wouldn’t do, like staying in a bad relationship or continuing to invest in a business that we know is bound to fail. Change can be hard according to this article in the Harvard Business Review

We’re constantly making commitments to others and ourselves – it’s what makes us human. And yet, disappointment is one of the most common reasons we break those commitments. So why do we keep committing to things that we know will lead to disappointment?

One possible reason is that commitment and disappointment are two of the most powerful emotions.

Several factors go into why someone might repeatedly find themselves in relationships that are ultimately disappointing. Here are some of the most common ones:

-Having low self-esteem and a lack of trust in oneself can lead someone to seek validation from others, which often isn’t received in healthy relationships.

-Feeling lonely or unsupported can cause someone to search for a partner as a way to fill that emptiness.

-Thinking that one is unworthy of love or happiness can keep someone in unhealthy relationships.

-Having unhealthy relationship role models can lead someone to recreate familiar dynamics

We are deeply connected to our daily habits.

There’s virtually no space between stimulus and response with established habits.

To change a habit, you must deconstruct it and pry out the space between stimulus and response. There is a huge misconception that creating new habits takes time and effort. The truth is that there’s virtually no space between stimulus and response with established habits. Once you have developed a habit, it will be effortless to stick to it because there is no lag time or decision-making process. You just do it. Intent, motivation, and ability are all part of a recipe that makes change enjoyable and rewarding when combined in the proper proportions.

When you move outside your comfort zone, that’s when the real magic happens!

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