Personal Coaching with Evan

Do you want to reach your goals and feel more confident and in control?

Have you tried so many different things in the past, and nothing has worked? Are you disappointed with your current personal circumstances and concerned about making adjustments?

I’m here to guide you to live the life you deserve both in and out of the office.

Imagine if you could have a healthy body and mind and still live with joy.

How I Help

Readiness Health & Wellness Assessment

This quiz will help you create clarity on where you are living your life well and where you need to focus on thriving.

Complete this readiness review in minutes.

Are you interested in learning where you need to focus in order to improve your health? 

Your answers to the questions will be confidential and used only to help seek clarity in challenging areas.

personal coaching
personal coaching helping with new thoughts

Support and
objective feedback

Through recognizing where you stand in relation to your expectations and beliefs about yourself, I will guide you through productive feedback loops to encourage new thoughts and rewiring around your own self-doubt.

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Coaching materials, videos, and resources

My coaching materials, videos, and resources are designed to be easy because change has to feel good if it is going to last.


• Sometimes Life Gets In The Way
• Your Routines Become Self-Defeating
• Daily Life Is Stuck In A Feedback Loop

Routines develop based on your crazy lifestyle. Wake up tired, rush to start the day, eat standing up, never exercise, have inconsistent bedtimes, and when you do get to bed, you can’t sleep. Tomorrow isn’t going to be any better. It’s painful accepting the facts! You live in denial until your health becomes the looming alarm clock waking you up to the truth. Your routine is your comfortable prison. Becoming motivated to change begins to seem impossible.

Coach Evan has a more straightforward and effective solution, The B3 Way.

personal coaching helping with new thoughts

What Is The b3 Way

I’ve developed the B-3 Way to Wellness, using 3 the Pillars of Health-Attitude, Nutrition, and Fitness-body, mind, soul. 

Where getting healthy doesn’t require motivation. I designed it to help executives and business owners get a better night’s sleep, have more energy, and manage stress by throwing out the head trash using a unique approach that bypasses motivation.

The approach takes small adaptable steps and gets you to the mastery zone of your health and mindset. 


The journey to your future self begins with creating the best daily mindset, focus, and habits to get you on the path to wellness and requires a metamorphosis.

Be Strong

Developing the knowledge, skill, and habits is key to your success. The dozens of tools I’ve created keeps you on the path and makes change feel good.

Be Grateful

Gratitude keeps you in the precious present rather than lamenting about the past or being fearful of the future. It’s a superpower that changes everything!

building a path to fitness with proattitudes

Your Path To
Wellness Does Not
Have To Be Difficult



Together we'll discover what's holding you back.



We'll create a plan for success.



We'll celebrate your newfound freedom in life!

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