Your core beliefs, conscience and subconscious, drive your thoughts that feed your moods and motivate your actions. If you can reprogram the flawed core beliefs, you can create new neural pathways which literally change the way you think and feel. Change is possible if you choose to think differently. Create a mindset that allows for positive change.

Evan Mestman

Evan Mestman started his career in nutrition with a passion for knowledge and a motivation to help those who struggle with being their best mentally, physically, and spiritually. As an adolescent, Evan was challenged with his own need to lose weight, become healthy and stay fit. When he took his first nutrition class in college, it resonated to the point of becoming his pivotal moment and his career path was set. After receiving his master’s and becoming a Registered Dietician, he worked in hospital ICU’s with the most critical of patients. He saw their fears and vulnerabilities and realized that having the right attitude was half the battle. He started studying the psychology of behavior and change which led to the development of his first nutrition program Appetite and Attitudes. He became a diabetes educator, and an adjunct professor teaching Nutrition and Disease as well as Nutrition and Performance for over 10 years.



Our Vision is to help you be successful in three key areas: thinking, eating and living. We believe that these three components are the lifeblood of a fulfilling life and must be constantly developed and invested in.

Our Difference

We provide a comprehensive range of services including 1:1 Health and Wellness Coaching, Team Training, and Strategic Consulting.

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Whether you are struggling with your weight or challenged by a health issue, we are here to provide you with the best guidance no matter what challenge you are facing. We have an unswerving optimism in exploring all the possibilities that lead you to success. The power of positive thinking will drive your success.

Sharpened Tools

This is not a "just listen and nod" coaching approach. We will give you advice and tools that actually work. We have a special knack for simplifying complex concepts as well as cultivating the best mindset and recommending the right tools for your success.

Healthy Thinking, Eating And Living!

Getting-Ready Zone


Determine what is working for you and what isn't. Be a fly on the wall and watch your behavior. The first step is AWARENESS.


Identify and understand your "WHY" and the "what" and "how" are easy. Creating INTENTION is the next step in your journey.


Develop your understanding of the basic principles of healthy thinking, eating, and living will transform you. KNOWLEDGE gives you the power to get things done.

Making-It-Happen Zone


Cultivate your talents. You can't learn how to type without putting your fingers on the keyboard and practicing. This step helps develop your ABILITY into powerful strengths.


Strategize how to apply all that you've learned. During this stage, you will apply your strength to live more intentionally. MASTERY helps you have clarity on what is important to you.


I love hearing stories of how I have helped people turn their lives around. Here are just a few of their stories.

Matthew Griffith

Gerri Wurtz

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