12 Fitness Hacks That Will Give You A Lifetime of Consistent Workouts

Part 1

#1 Set Tiny Fitness Goals

I’ve exercised regularly for over 40 years, but I want to skip it plenty of times. Think smaller and do it! If you want to stay committed to your workout routine, remember that this is for a lifetime. Connect to the reason you’re doing this in the first place. Why is training with weights or running essential? What are your milestones to get to your goals? Maybe you want to get leaner or stronger. Maybe you’re looking for a way to manage your stress or boost your mood. It might be because you want to improve your overall health. All answers fit the narrative – this is about you and your path to a healthier you. When you get clear on your own personal goals, sticking to your fitness routine becomes easier. Shrinking the workouts is the first step. Do what you can do, not what you should do.

#2 Schedule your workouts into your daily routine and make them non-negotiable.

Speaking of goals, start writing them down! This includes both your long-term (and short-term) fitness goals and your weekly workout schedule. Set aside time to plan for the week ahead and schedule your workout routine at the end of every week. You’re 42% more likely to reach your goals — all because you wrote them down! That’s an easy hack to get you exercising!

#3 Find your favorite music or podcast to listen to while you train.

I look forward to my long rowing days because I choose to listen to my favorite podcasts (presently, it’s Andrew Huberman’s The Huberman Lab) during those workouts. Not only does it make the workouts go faster, I learn something new or get inspired with every workout.

#4: Have your workout gear ready to go the night before.

Preparing for success is 80% of the battle. Having your workout outfit (and bag) all ready to go, you’re removing any obstacles that could prevent you from skipping out on your workout (like stopping at home to grab your bag… because we all know we all love any excuse to skip a workout).

#5 Put on your workout shoes and outfit even if you don’t exercise.

Have you ever heard the advice to dress for the next position you want at work? The same applies to your workout! Putting on your exercise clothes helps communicate that a workout will happen to your brain. It helps fire up the new neural pathways that have kept me training for over 40 years! If

morning workouts are your thing, put on your outfit before brushing your teeth! If you like to sweat it out later in the day, change into your outfit before you leave work (since you’ve already have your stuff ready to go in your gym bag, right?). It’s my favorite brain hack that always works. It may sound simple, but getting dressed will help put you in that “I’m going to work out” mindset.

Start small and get going.

Remember, there are many reasons why setting small fitness goals is a good idea. First, it’s more manageable and less intimidating than developing a plan to lose 50 pounds or run a marathon. Second, breaking your goal down into smaller steps makes it easier to track your progress and stay motivated. Third, you can celebrate your accomplishments more easily when achieving smaller goals. And finally, small goals are more realistic and therefore more likely to be completed.

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