Silence Your Inner Critic

Bid farewell to intrusive thoughts and negative guidance.

Learn to live joyfully on your way to mastering your mindset.

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The Comfort Seeker

The Comfort Seeker says,

"If I don't show up, I won't have to deal with any possible issues."

The Detail Deacon

The Detail Deacon says,

"I can’t rest until every single thing is in order and perfect, especially when someone else did it."

The Harmony Enthusiast

The Harmony Enthusiast says,

"I can sacrifice myself for others, because they will acknowledge my sacrifice later."

The Logic Mastermind

The Logic Mastermind says,

"If a person is emotional, they cannot possibly make a good, rational decision on anything."

The Overdrive Samurai

The Overdrive Samurai says,

"Anything less than total victory is a failure."

The Perfectionist Maestro

The Perfectionist Maestro says,

"Perfection is required. Those not seeking perfection are annoying and frustrating."

The Vigilant Victim

The Vigilant Victim says,

"I am so stuck. I really need someone to help me out of this rut."

The Wanderlust Adventurer

The Wanderlust Adventurer says,

"Nothing in life is satisfactory unless it is on the edge of glory and excitement."

The Watchful Guardian

The Watchful Guardian says,

"Danger is around every corner. I must be prepared to defend anyone and everyone."

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